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Do you have a rental property and do you want to create more space or give the home a makeover? Rules apply for the conversion of a rental home. You can not just refurbish or renovate a rented house without asking the landlord for permission. You can read all about renovating rental properties and arranging financing for this on this page.

Request permission for refurbishing or renovating a rental property


Request permission for refurbishing or renovating a rental property

Are you in a rented house and are you short of space or do you want to remodel the house? Usually the housing association or landlord will only be happy if you install a new kitchen or bathroom. But for the creation of extra living space by means of an extension or a dormer, that is not always allowed. You always need permission from the landlord. Once you get permission for this, you will also have to be able to finance this. But is money borrowing for a conversion to a rental property wise? We will go deeper into that later.


Often no permission is needed for minor adjustments


Do you want to make small adjustments to your rental property that can be easily undone in the future? Then you do not need permission for this in most cases. Examples of minor adjustments are: Placing curtain rails or shelves, wallpapering, placing burglary protection, painting, placing sunscreens, et cetera. Keep in mind that rented accommodation will (usually) have to be delivered bare again or as delivered.


Need permission if …


Need permission if ...


When renovating, building or renovating your rental property, you must always request permission from your landlord. In that case, submit a request for a renovation. Note: Landlords may of course refuse such a request. If the house falls in value after a renovation or can not be easily rented out afterwards, then a landlord will probably not agree with this. If you are of the opinion that a refusal is unfounded, you can still submit this to the court. If you get permission, make good arrangements and record everything on paper. When placing a new bathroom or kitchen you can, for example, agree that the landlord reimburses part of the costs.


How to finance refurbishment?

How to finance refurbishment?

Suppose your application for a renovation or conversion to your rental property is approved, how do you want to finance this? We advise tenants to simply save money for this. This is the safest way. Do this only if you expect to live in your current home for several years. Incidentally, it is also interesting from a tax perspective to use your savings. Because you have to pay wealth tax in excess of 30,000 euros. Would you prefer to take out a renovation loan? Check out the offer on our website.