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Poste Italiane’s personal loans in 2019 to customers with a BancoPosta account are among the most popular among online and post office loans. The possibility of calculating the installment and or related interest rates, the online estimates and the prepaid cards that are made available by Poste Italiane to obtain small loans fast in classic mode or with the sale of the fifth. All the information that could be useful in case you are interested in becoming a customer of Poste Italiane, whether to receive a loan or for any other reason, can be found on this page. Here we will in fact analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the various products offered by the company, so as to guide you in the best way in choosing the most convenient options ever.


Personal loans: rate, interest and installment calculation


Personal loans: rate, interest and installment calculation


One of the most popular products, especially in this historical period, is certainly that of personal loan. As we said, BancoPosta allows the request for a loan , taking into account, however, its own personal needs. This means that you can evaluate the amount and duration that can be more comfortable. It is interesting to know that loans of a minimum of 3,000 can be requested, up to a maximum of 30,000 euros with installments. Regarding the repayment method, it will be possible to decide, based on your needs, the number of months in which to make the repayment, from a minimum of 24 up to a maximum of 84 months.

Poste Italiane’s personal loan can be obtained by going to the post office that you prefer, remember that it is also open on Saturday morning. On the post office website it is possible to make an appointment, choosing, from the list that will be presented to us, the office that is most convenient for us. Subsequently, what we will have to specify will be the date and time in which we are interested in having a meeting to make the request for funding, or even just to receive more information about it. However, it is also possible to get a precise idea of ​​the installment and interest rates directly online and through the official website. To do this you can use the simulator, available for free online.

The procedure that we will have to follow to carry out the simulation of a loan and therefore know the monthly payment and the interest rates applied Tan and Taeg is very simple and fast. You need to connect to the site address and click on the section set up just for this service. To access this page, you must first register on the Poste Italiane website. The data that is required to register are your personal data and a mobile number, to which the code that will be necessary to successfully complete the registration will be sent.

Once this is done, it will finally be possible to calculate the installment. It will take just a few minutes to learn about the features of the BancoPosta personal loan that will be offered to us. What we will have to do is enter the amount we need and the duration of the loan. By starting the simulator, we will immediately be able to consult the hypothetical installments that will be made available to us and that fit in the best way with those that are our needs. Let’s see, then, also in the next paragraph what needs to be done to calculate an online quote.


Personal loan online quote and example


Personal loan online quote and example


If you are interested in the personal loans offered by Poste Italiane, the best thing to do to get an overall view of the various options proposed is to request a quote. To do this the company makes available to its customers two different roads to follow. The first is the one we introduced in the previous paragraph, and it is the simulation of online financing. In this case, therefore, not only the data but also all the necessary documentation, can be sent completely online. As regards this last aspect, it should be specified how documents can also be sent in paper format.

If you prefer the 100% online procedure to compare with an operator who will advise you in the best way according to your indications, what you can do is contact the company by phone, or make an appointment at one of the Poste Italiane offices. Once the request for a quote has been submitted for the loan you are interested in, if the outcome proves positive, the amount requested will be credited within a few days to the BancoPosta account in your name. However, at this point, let’s try to understand with a practical example what we are talking about.

Let us consider the case that an applicant has carried out the procedure for calculating the budget by connecting to the BancoPosta site. At this point in his life, this user has decided to carry out a project and to do so necessarily needs a certain amount of money. Thus, the aforementioned, relying on BancoPosta, wishes to assess exactly in what figures the loan of 10,000 euros is made, wanting to pay the debt in 60 installments.

The result presented by the Italian Post Office simulator is quite convenient. The first aspect that is most taken into consideration when a financial product of this type is examined is the repayment installment. In the example considered the company proposes monthly installments of 200.38 euros, therefore rather light. As regards interest rates, the BancoPosta loan offered includes a fixed Tan with a percentage of 7.50%, while the Taeg is   of 7.84%.


Opinions on personal loans

Opinions on personal loans


When you find yourself in the situation of having to choose the loan that, among those proposed by the various companies, turns out to be the best in relation to those that are your own needs, an excellent choice can be to consult one of the various themed forums in where opinions can be found regarding the best financing in circulation. This is why we want to dwell on the reviews and opinions circulating on the web about BancoPosta’s personal loans. Indeed, it is interesting to know in advance what the opinions of this service may be for all those who are deciding to approach and try it.

Surely, even for those who carry out this financing service in person, it can be useful to know what the customers who are already taking advantage of these loans think about it. In fact, it is really important not only to confirm the strengths, but also to have the opportunity to improve more and more to meet every need. In this case, however, our point of view is that of the customer who wants to receive a loan. There are two fundamental aspects to be evaluated: convenience and, above all, reliability.

To tell the truth, reading some pages online, we note that there are various opinions regarding this kind of financing by Poste Italiane and therefore, on the Web, it is possible to become aware of the opinions of many customers. It must be admitted that there are many certainly positive considerations. Users often choose even 5 stars with regard to the professionalism of employees and even for the good offers that are offered by BancoPosta . This is certainly an excellent sign, which confirms what has been said about this specific product so far.

From what can be deduced, therefore, Poste Italiane makes available some definitely advantageous loans that can be perfectly matched with what are the demands of everyone, managing to favorably personalize the various possibilities of personal loans. For this reason, the personal loans offered by Poste Italiane are aimed at a particularly large clientele, given that it is a useful product both for those who need a small amount of money to cover, for example, the cost of a trip, but also at more important expenses like buying a new car.


Loan with Evolution


Loan with Evolution


First of all, it is good to clarify what the Postepay Evolution is about . The aforementioned, is a prepaid card that, unlike the classic yellow PostePay, allows you to have an Iban and, thanks to this, to access many exclusive services. One of these services is the personal loan that makes things certainly easier and more comfortable. Through this prepaid card you have the opportunity to carry out your own projects, requesting a loan which, moreover, is also very simple to manage.

The personal loan can be signed by going directly to the post office in your city. Secondly, you can book an appointment with a Poste Italiane consultant or call the toll-free number 800.00.33.22. If the loan is approved, the amount requested with the Bancoposta Mini Loan will be available directly on the PostePay Evolution card. So this is a particularly convenient loan, in addition to the convenience that is common to the various proposals of the Italian Post Office.

So let’s see specifically which are the customers to whom the BancoPosta Mini Loan is addressed. As mentioned, the first requirement is to hold the Poste Pay Evolution card, on which the desired sum will be paid. As for the age group in which it is necessary to return to be able to apply for funding, this will go from 18 to 75 years. Finally, it will be necessary to be resident in Italy, and to receive a work income or, alternatively, a provable pension.

With the Mini Loan offered by Poste Italiane it is possible to receive a not particularly high sum, but with the advantage of being able to receive it in an extremely short time (usually a few hours are enough). In particular, the sum that can be accessed ranges from a minimum of 1,000 euros up to a maximum of 3,000 euros. If you are interested in applying for funding through this product, the documents that you must have on hand are your identity card, your health card and your income document, which will be the last paycheck in the case of employees , the last tax return in the case of self-employed workers, or the last pension slip with regard to INPS pensioners.


Flexible Loan: calculates installment and requirements


Flexible Loan: calculates installment and requirements


To further meet everyone’s needs, BancoPosta has also thought of another advantageous promotion which, it is good to know, is active in this period. We are talking about the offer of the BancoPosta Flexible Loan . But let’s see in detail what this is all about, with all the advantages of choosing this specific product compared to another form of BancoPosta loan.

There are some prerogatives of this financing that can surely arouse interest to whoever is looking for a loan. The first aspect to consider is that it adapts to the needs of all holders of a BancoPosta current account who wish to request an amount equal to or greater than 3,000 euros. The maximum amount that can be requested with the BancoPosta flexible loan is 30,000 euros, but the particularly interesting aspect of this product is the flexibility of repayment.

The services available to customers who choose this loan option are the “change of installment”, ie the change in the amount of a specific monthly installment, or the “installment jump”, which allows you to postpone the payment of an installment at the end of the duration of the loan itself. As we get to the heart of things, we can also describe what could be an example of this promotion. With 90 monthly installments of € 268.88 you can request € 18,000, with a fixed Tan of 8.25% and a Taeg of 8.61%.

This means that the total cost of the credit is 6,231.20 euros, of which 6,199.20 euros is the sum relating to the interest, while no preliminary investigation, installment, handling of the paperwork and paperwork of all periodic transparency communications. Finally, the substitute tax / stamp duty is € 16.00 , while stamp duty on periodic communications is still € 16.00. Then making a quick calculation, the total cost of the loan to which we are interested is EUR 24,231.20. In short, a personal loan that can be within the reach of many applicants.


Sale of the Quinto


Sale of the Quinto


To complete our analysis of the personal loans that Poste Italiane offers to its customers, let’s try to consider another BancoPosta option that can be interesting for those who don’t have time for very long procedures and who, anyway, want to take advantage of the possibility of a loan . The aforementioned loan offers financing solutions for the needs of both Public Employees and State and Armed Forces , but also to INPS pensioners.

We are talking about the so-called Cession of the Fifth, one of the financial products that, in recent times, has enjoyed increasing success. It is good to specify that it can be used even without BancoPosta Current Account, there are no additional costs and monthly installments can start from a minimum of 50.00 euros. The same is thought to guarantee the applicant the tranquility of a reimbursement appropriate to his own possibilities and the monthly installment can be considered valid only up to one fifth of the salary.

Furthermore, it is possible to use Poste Italiane’s fifth sale to create new ideas and also to pay off other loans. All this even if you already have other active loans when you want to access a loan. Taking into consideration the category of Public Employees, the requirements are very few. It is therefore necessary to be resident in Italy with a demonstrable income.

Another important aspect is that the worker at the end of the amortization plan must compulsorily have a maximum age of 65 years . With regard to the Armed Forces and the State Police, the maximum age is 60 years. Finally, let’s see what documentation you will need when you go to the post office counter. First of all, as is obvious, the valid identity card, the health card, the CUD, the last two pay slips and the previous financial settlement, only in the case of renewal for another sale in progress. In the eventuality, instead, in which the customer exceeds 60 years of age at the end of the amortization plan, he must have the account statement contributed Inps / Ex-Inpdap extinguishing previous financial statement at hand.

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